Receipt for freedom

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Receipt for freedom

Post  YLK on Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:12 pm

Liked the movie. Very much. Makes you stop for a second and think what you must do to finally change this tight second skin of yours that you must wear all the time, and put on some comfy casual garment; how to get rid of the bag you carry with yourself all the time - and walk away from it.

You just have to kill the beast in your mind that controls you.


With imagination. That simple. But to achieve it you need some experience, it takes time, and a number of people, before you realize it. Well, after all this is what life's about. And even if there is only dust at the end, hopefully we'll enjoy some true freedom before we reach the other bank.

The movie was quite an eye opener to me. Thank you, Mr Jarmush!


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