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Aki Kaurismaki

Post  michael603 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:16 pm

I wanted to see if anyone else has seen any of the movies from Aki Kaurismaki . I have watched all of his films . It all started with one sentence . Jim Jarmusch said that Aki Kaurismaki was one of his favorite directors . I immediately watched one of his films "The man without a past" ( which was nominated for a oskar for best foreign movie of 2003 ) for which Jim said "Another classic from one of my favorite directors - it's sad enough to make you laugh, a funny enough to make you cry".
Since then i have watched all of Kaurismaki's movies and all of them were excellent for me . Just the kind of movie i like to watch.

So i wanted to ask has anybody else seen any of the movies of Aki Kaurismaki , and if so do you know any other directors that Jim Jarmusch said he likes like Aki Kaurismaki ?

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