The Spanish connection

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The Spanish connection

Post  Ludvig on Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:10 pm

News on The Limits of Control are still very scarce.

And curiously, the few related snapshots that have cropped up on the web, mostly on Flickr and various blogs (among which the one below, by Flickr user "Left Hand Rotation" seems to be the most revealing) all originate either from a few days in September 2007, where Jim Jarmusch appears to be scouting for locations in Madrid, Spain, or from early February 2008, on the set in Madrid.

Please let us know if you come across anything else. I will of course post any news here as soon as I catch it.

Meanwhile, here is what Jim Jarmusch has revealed in the past, presumably regarding The Limits of Control:

In a 2004 (post Coffee and Cigarettes) interview with Fredrik Johansson in Swedish magazine Stick, Jim Jarmusch mentioned his future film projects:

JJ: I'm just preparing to begin shooting one project this fall [Broken Flowers], and I have another one that I would like to make next year. I'd like to speed up the tempo, I've been too slow these last years for several reasons. The next two films I'd really like to finish in the next two and a half years.

FJ: Would you want to do like Warren Zevon, and try to make one last film during your last months alive?

JJ: Yes, I would. There's a film that I've carried with me for ten years now. It's not the next film I'll be doing, but the one after that. And it's very important for me to get it made. If I'd find out that I had only more year to live, I'd drop everything and start working with it immediately.

And in an interview the same year with David Noh of Film Journal International, there was this exchange:

FJI: I hope it won't be too long before your next film.

JJ: I just finished a script four days ago and have another one half done. As soon as I finish doing the press for this, I'm going to finish it and want to shoot the first one in the fall. I want to have two projects ready to go, which I've never had before; I'm like single cell. They're very different, but they're not episodic in any way. One's a road movie and the other's kind of a semi-road movie. But I don't want to talk about them, don't want to jinx them.


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